Friday, May 4, 2012

Through My Eyes

I just entered a contest that Focus on the Family is running where they asked moms and dads to write in their own words (200 or less) the impact that a father has on the home. Thought I'd share it here....


Through my eyes my husband is the man my father should have been. He is the man who loves his wife unconditionally, showing his daughter that she is to be treasured and cared for, teaching his son to lead with gentle strength and great love. He is the Daddy who delights in his little girl's adventurous spirit and can't wait to get home from work to be present in her life. He is the Dad who will teach his son with actions, not just words, how to be grow up and be a man of God. He is the force of light and good in a life that had been too long shrouded in scars of the past and fears of the future. He is the shelter from the storms of a broken world. He is the provider who sacrifices his days to feed, clothe and house. He is the leader who encourages us to dream big dreams and fight good fights. He is the picture on earth of a reality in Heaven. A Father who loves, leads, teaches, provides, delights, encourages, protects, and redeems.

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