Monday, March 14, 2011

Insert Witty First Post Title Here

It's been awhile, Blogosphere. Usually this is where I would uncomfortably chuckle and say something about how busy I've been and that this time I'll post more often. Truth be told, though, I've been very actively avoiding you. I have had ample time to write, more than enough material, and have often thought about coming back again.

Why did I leave? Oh it's kind of silly really. I got reeeeally tired of censoring what I wrote because I knew that this person or that person wouldn't agree with me, and gee wouldn't that be awkward.. being different than someone else.

Then I had a baby and discovered that everyone and their Aunt Sue thinks they are THE AUTHORITY on anything and everything related to babies. Oh, and not just their babies, but her babies and her babies and most assuredly my baby. It's like the Civil War, except that there's nothing very civil about it. But all sides do think they're eternally winning (Winning! darn... now I have to pay royalties to Charlie Sheen).

So I've decided to stop caring if I think something different than she thinks, or he thinks. I'm even fine if I think something other than what you think (Oh man, I went and assumed readership on my first post). Cuz ya know what, I'm not you and your baby isn't my baby. Your experiences are not my experiences and your mind is not my mind. So of course we're going to be different. And that's really ok by me. Finally.

So if you're still reading, you're welcome to keep reading and to comment with what you think no matter how different or similar those thoughts are from mine. (Oh stop cringing, it'll be fun)

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