Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Then and Now

All the windows are open and it's nice and quiet in our apartment. Lydie's sleeping in her crib (this is so beyond rare... it still kind of freaks us out when we can't hear every little breath, sigh and cute little grunt), Joe's taking a nap in our room and of course... I can't quite gear down to nap myself. So much for sleeping when the baby sleeps.
It's kind of funny. Everyone told us we wouldn't sleep for months after she was born, but it really hasn't been all that bad. In the last 5 weeks and 3 days she's really only had about 4 nights where she didn't sleep like a champ. 5 tops. She rarely cries and for the majority of the time that she is in fact awake she's just a sweetheart. Peaceful... she's very peacefull.

So everything I wrote above was from last night.. before the munchkin woke up and had the worst night on record so far. It seems she's got a new.. "friend" that's moved into her nose and throat.

Mucus. I. Hate. Mucus. The poor dear can't sleep for anything if she's flat on her back, so currently she's resting (finally!) in her swing. Seriously though, there should be some sort of law of nature that makes evil things like mucus and other sickly things stay away from little bitty babies that can't even blow their nose or clear their throats.

And of course, now that I've been up since 3:20 and Joe's off to work, even though she's sleeping,  I can't get to sleep. Going back to sleep is always more difficult than going to sleep for the first time... unless of course there are things you need to be doing, places you need to be going, people you need to be seeing.

I have no such needs this morning.

Ah, Motherhood.

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