Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Bunching 101

There are some mornings when Lydie wakes up crying and I walk in her room only to see this sad little face ("Mommy! Why weren't you here when I opened my eyes!") turn into a smile and maybe even a giggle.. and it doesn't even matter that it's 3 hours before I wanted to wake up. Sure, this morning it happened to be after that sweet little girl finally slept one good long stretch (7 hours!) and I actually felt like a human being, but whatev...

She's almost able to stand up all by herself. Which means before too long she'll be taking those first steps. Then she'll be walking... and running. It's hard to believe that next Wednesday she'll be 8 months old. In 4 months she'll be 1 and we'll be weeks (who knows, maybe days) from Baby #2's arrival. It's all going so fast. Good fast, but fast nonetheless.

Speaking of Baby Duffey numero dos, the big ultrasound is coming up! Assuming the little guy (or girl) doesn't decide to be a little stinker and hide it from us, we'll be finding out Tuesday, October 4th, whether Lydie is going to have a little brother or a little sister. I'm calling it... I think we're gonna have a little boy this go 'round. It may very well be that I'm just used to being pregnant, but this pregnancy has been significantly milder than the last. Plus, I just kinda have a feeling. 

No matter what we're having one thing is certain. Joe and I are extremely excited about meeting this new little one. I mean, how cool is that Lydie will have a little brother or sister that is so close to her in age? It's like an eternal (well... long term anyways) sleepover. Sure it's a little hectic that we'll already be a family of four (the bottom half being almost exactly a year apart), but God knows what He's doing.

It's funny, as soon as we announced the news of #2 we saw a great divide in the people we know. Those who really believe God is sovereign and those who think we have any kind of control over our lives (or potential lives). I can't count how many times people have asked in various ways "You know what causes that, right?". Some well-meaning acquaintances even expressed condolences. (You know, because having a 2nd baby ruins everything...) Joe's response to the first question has become mine, mostly because my initial reaction isn't nearly this restrained.
Of course we know what causes "that". God is the giver of life. God is the one who knows the number of our days and the time that those days should begin. God is the one who is forming "that", and every other, child.  (Sometimes I like to add that our first child was conceived with the help of not one, but two methods of "reliable" birth control, but that's beside the point.) To suggest that we have the ability or the right to control when or if a child is born is just evidence that we, the created, still think of ourselves as equal with the Creator. And it's just plain not true.

So no, we didn't exactly plan this. And yes, we know what caused it. And no, we're not disappointed. 

And yes, we're ecstatic.

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