Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scattered, but Updating Nonetheless

This might be the least updated blog I've ever had any part in. Oh well, it's not like I have many readers to disappoint.

Anyways, a quick update. Lydie Bitty is now 9 months old. NINE! As in the one that seven ate! As in 3 before twelve which equals ONE WHOLE YEAR. ((shiver)) It's hard to believe sometimes how fast this seems to be going. Along with 9th month of life our little munchkin has acquired 4 teeth (with two more close behind), a ridiculous appetite satisfied by a crazy list of "real" food (Peas, Banana's and Applesauce being the current favorites), this crazy habit of WALKING 5-6 steps at a time, and the most expressive personality I think I've ever witnessed in someone less than 2 1/2 feet tall.

She loves dogs (particularly "Diggy" and Laddie),  The Great Mouse Detective, "Anna/ Go With Him" by the Beatles, the "Hello Lydie" song complete with hand motions, ripping off anything and everything I put on her feet, and most of all her Daddy. All day long all I hear is "DaaaDADaDadadaDAAAAAA". It's precious.

 Our little MAN (because yes, we're having a boy!) is 25 weeks into this whole growing thing and is just as active, if not more so, as his big sister. I secretly think she left an instruction manual in there so he would have a head start on the acrobatic routine. It's still kind of terrifying thinking about having not just two little babies around, but that one of them will be a boy -- creatures I know absolutely NOTHING about. I mean... what if he doesn't like The Great Mouse Detective? Or bouncing? Or hanging out with two girls all day long?!

I'm mostly kidding - I know it'll be alright. Probably...

Life does seem to be slipping by pretty quickly these days though. It seems like yesterday Lydie didn't even know how to sit up or have any hair, but now she's standing and walking and there are these two massive cowlicks that will never go away on top of her cute little head. A "few" weeks ago I was still in normal jeans, but now nothing made without the specific thought of a baby bump will even think about fitting me. Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away, and Christmas after that with February lurking around the corner bringing not one, but two pretty monumental birthdays.

I keep trying to clean the house and catch up on laundry or dishes, but it just never seems to get done. Or even halfway done. There's just plain too much and that nesting instinct still hasn't kicked in from the last pregnancy. So tell me, People Who Have Decent Looking Homes With Children Inside Them, what is your secret? Do you have elves that come over every night? Is Mary Poppins hiding in your closet? Do your children scream in their Jumperoos while you whistle and dust? Seriously, how do you do it?

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