Monday, November 24, 2014

A Little Over A Year

It's not so much that I don't write anymore. I just keep doing this thing where I start writing and I get distracted by toddlers, laundry, or the disastrous combination of the two.

In a nutshell, this is where we are:
Joe's working at UniFirst again. This means we actually get to see him every day and we finally have our weekends back, which is just lovely.
Joe and I are also working towards personal health and financial goals through our AdvoCare Distributorship. You can read more about that on our AdvoBlog.
Lydie will be 4 this upcoming February, which is just plain insanity. I mean, just yesterday she didn't have any hair.
Jojo will be 3 four days after Lydie turns 4. More insanity. His big life change right now is potty training. I'm just shooting to get him out of diapers before April.
Which reminds me... April 25th is baby number 3's due date. THREE. No more man on man coverage with these kiddos. We find out the gender on December 3rd. I'm pretty sure we're looking at another girl.

Sometime in January/February we'll be moving out of the apartments Joe and I have been in since we got married. This slightly strange to think about. Part of me is beyond excited about not having upstairs or downstairs neighbors anymore, having a yard, living somewhere NOT in the middle of Hwy 280 traffic... But there's definitely a part that is going to miss this place. This is where we brought our first two babies home, where they learned to crawl and talk and walk. This has been home for almost 5 years...

As we get ready to move, especially since I'll be significantly more pregnant when we do, we're working on shedding clutter and junk that has accumulated over the years. Boy, four people sure can gather a bunch of stuff without even realizing it. Boxes and boxes of things we never use, papers I don't remember bringing in the house, Happy Meal toys and brochures about insurance, tangled up balls of yarn that were supposed to become scarves... It's good to shed the junk every now and then. We're long overdue for that...

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